How to order Hero tablets directly from the manufacturer

Payment on the web is made via Paypal. I recommend checking that your credit card associated with your Paypal account has a sufficient limit for online payments.

Order tablets at

Click on “Catalog”

Select the following product in the catalog:

Select the number of packages. Each pack contains 12 tablets. Click “Add to Cart”.

Although the 12% discount is declared on the website for up to 5 or more pieces, in fact, using the discount code below, you will get a discount for 2 pieces or more. !!!

Approximate box price according to the current HKD to Paypal exchange rate:
1000 HKD = 3,206 CZK (1tbl ~ 257 CZK)
1000 HKD = 131 € (1tbl ~ 10.5 €)

After adding to the cart go to the cart:

Click “Check Out”

Fill in the contact information and check its accuracy carefully.
If you do not see the already filled in discount code (for ordering 2 pieces and more), enter the code in the text field D1ZZHP2AS9MC, click “Apply” and click “Continue to Shipping”

Select “Continue to Payment”

Click on "Pay Now" and follow the instructions to pay via paypal…