Hero 16

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Basic dosage:

FIPDosage Word151616,516,716,917182021p2.5p5p6p10p12p16p18
Wet FIP6
Dry FIP7
Ocular FIP8
Neurological FIP10

  • I recommend hepatoprotectives throughout the treatment period!!!
  • The above dosage is for guidance only. Consult the group or your veterinarian about the specific dosage for your cat.
  • More detailed dosing in calculator.
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17 reviews for Hero 16

  1. Lenka Muselová

    Jsme v postreatmentu neuro fip u 2 kocek léčelénych tabletami Hero. Přešli jsme na tablety po par dnech injekcnich aplikaci,které pro nas i kocky byly dost náročné. Kočky tablety snědly s jidlem zcela bez problémů a mám se velmi ulevilo. Věřím a doufám, že jsme dávkovali správně a kočindy zůstanou zdrávy . Tablety Hero rozhodně doporučuji!!!!

  2. Jana

    We have been on the treatment for 2 weeks so far, but during that time we gained 500 g. He eats 3 tablets and can have breakfast. I just recommend.

  3. Šárka

    Easy administration, less stress during application. The efficiency is probably great. The tablets are small, so they are well served, but thanks to the dividing line, they are perfectly halved normally in the hands and also on quarters, it is not a problem to divide them in the fingers. When cut with a knife, it crumbles a bit. Otherwise, maximum satisfaction for me. The only downside is the higher price. But it was worth of the comfort of the cat.

  4. Tereza

    Pills are a great choice. The medication took off quickly, administration with the applicator is relatively problem-free. We had a dry form of FIP, which is generally more treacherous and it is necessary to set the dosage correctly and monitor the course of treatment. Unfortunately, the basic dry dose was not enough for us, we had to treat relapse, but the second time (perhaps) we have already succeeded) - we are currently in post-postment.
    Otherwise, I think HERO tablets work reliably, so I definitely recommend it!

  5. Tereza B.

    We end the treatment of a mixed form of FIP of almost a year old cat with Hero tablets, everything went smoothly. The cat did not even notice the tablets wrapped in the paste (during the course of treatment the dosage increased from 1.25 to 2 tablets by weight). In the first few days, the weight began to increase and the cat began to eat more, now her blood values are completely fine.

  6. Kristýna

    The tablets are great, they are small so they serve well. I definitely recommend, for cats it is much less stressful than injections.

  7. Naděžda Dželetovič

    Excellent. Visible effect after the first dose. The tablets are small, so it is not a problem to serve them in food.

  8. Nikol

    Well tolerated. After 6 days, the fluid disappeared from the abdomen. A small pill, so there is no problem with administration. We are very satisfied with the effect.

  9. Veronika

    Super effect, good reception with canned food.

  10. Barbara

    I'm excited about how Tomík (now a 7-month-old boy) quickly improved and returned to his games. The tablets are so small that it is swallowed at first good and I don't have to stress him with injections. I have devoted my whole life to cats and I am happy that a cure for FIP already exists, because years ago it was always a death sentence.

  11. Denisa

    Maximum satisfaction. We switched from injections to these tablets and it was a 200% right decision. The cat doesn't know at all that he gets some tablets, I dissolve them in a pocket. He is cheerful, playful, voracious. It behaves like before a disease.

  12. Iva

    The tablets are easy to give, it is not as stressful for a cat as an injection. The effect is fast, within a few days there was an improvement in the condition, the cat (7 months) returned to normal activity and her appetite returned.

  13. Radka Nová

    I highly recommend, the pills are easy to administer and probably tolerated well. Our cat was much better the next day, the water in the chest started to disappear after only 3 days (according to X-rays), the blood count started to improve after 10 days. After 30 days, the CBC is practically normal. We don't have to fight it, it doesn't have sores from injections and we're not afraid that the valuable medicine will leak sideways. Thank you, finally, the medicine is available and still in tablet form.

  14. David Bláha

    The pills are great. Our boy tolerated injections really badly, so after less than two weeks of injections we switched to Hero pills and we can't complain at all. We always put them in a small piece of a pocket, tuna, or something like that, and he basically doesn't even know he's getting any medicine (an incredible difference from injections). The pills are small and will probably not be unpleasant in taste, because it does not have the tendency to spit them out, for example, with antibiotics.

  15. Taťána Kořínková

    My cat underwent 84 days of tbl treatment. Hero at dg. dry form of FIP. Due to the huge unbridled temperament of my cat, it would be impossible to administer the drug in inj. form. Tbl. form was a great choice. Tbl. they are so small that within 3 days I fed them into the mouthpiece without an applicator and administered tbl. became a common evening ritual for a few seconds. We managed all 84 days in comfort and without unnecessary stress. I do not regret it and highly recommend it.

  16. Natálie

    I almost forgot to mention the high concentration, so we only gave a strong cat with neuro fip 2 and a half tablets a day (I was always afraid that I would load the tablets throughout the day to achieve the desired dose. The tablets are really small and just throw the muzzle and offer him a sniff, there is no crying… the whole treatment was not at all stressful for the cat compared to injections (which you all partially get used to, but it is still needles, pain, meowing. The tablets are not even bitter compared to eg atb (I guess according to the cat's expression at the time of administration) Perfect medicine 🙂

  17. Natálie

    We are just finishing treatment on Hero tablets and I must say that it is much better, easier and less stressful than injections. The pills took off quickly and the condition improved every day. If there was an accident next time (I hope it never will be) I would just go to these tablets.

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