Kumis 15

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Basic dosage:

FIPDosage Word15
Wet FIP5
Dry FIP6
Ocular FIP8
Neurological FIP10

  • I recommend hepatoprotectives throughout the treatment period!!!
  • The above dosage is for guidance only. Consult the group or your veterinarian about the specific dosage for your cat.
  • More detailed dosing in calculator.

13 reviews for Kumis 15

  1. Kateřina

    Good day,
    we use this medicine for Matýsek cat, Matýsek was very bad, he had not eaten for 6 days and he was apathetic and yellow.
    The next day after the first application, Matýsek ate. He responded perfectly to the treatment, now we have about 1/3 of the treatment behind us.
    The boy weighs 5.8 kg

  2. Šárka M.

    We only had Kumis 15 for a while, but satisfaction. No scabs and it didn't hurt the cat that much either.

  3. Václav Beránek

    So far, the result 1a. The boy started to get better right after the first application. Injections sometimes hurt and the boy shows up, but usually he tolerates them very well. We go for injections to the vet and if I can recommend something, then prepare the injection at home in peace and warm it up a bit before application. It's definitely not that painful.

  4. Klára Zemanová

    I help with the treatment of a cat that is on Kumis, it burns much more than Hero, but on the other hand it has a thinner consistency, which facilitates the application of the drug. The cat improved right after the first dose, so far it all looks good. He just has 3 lesions, which is probably caused by poor application of the drug and not by Kumis itself.

  5. Rostislava

    Application good with a shorter needle, two cats in treatment, both respond well. The second cat's tummy began to shrink rapidly after a few days.

  6. Iva Pražáková

    We are still in treatment, but immediately after the first application, an improvement was seen. Olinek began to eat and be active. The injection is given by a veterinarian and there are no problems with the application.

  7. Renata

    The results the day after application were visible results. Kitty was more active. Belly shrank in three days, and in a week there was none, and she played normally as if she was healthy. So far, great satisfaction.

  8. Charles

    We switched to Kumis from Spark tablets because our kitten Lewis did not seem to absorb them well after 17 days. Today is day 37 of injections. His blood looks good, so we can assume Kumis is working.

  9. Petra

    During the treatment we switched to Kumis and we are very satisfied. The drug was not so thick and oily - fast application compared to other brands. We did not notice any lesions that he had at the beginning of treatment… I can recommend

  10. Petra

    The improvement of the condition almost immediately in one day was visible difference, a huge belly was absorbed in a week, .. we are half the treatment of the cat looks to be completely fit, alb / glb is slowly rising. The application is stipulating, but so far satisfaction

  11. Ľubica

    Good response overall. The application is the worst of all so far, but then without muscle contractures or reduced activity as with other drugs. Excellent delivery and price.

  12. Marketa Zilinova

    I went to the drug in about a half-time of treatment and I am extremely satisfied with it, drawing the solution into the syringe was very easy and fast, because this drug is not as dense and "oily" as most other brands. Therefore, the injection was more comfortable and fast.

  13. Mishka

    Blood tests showed a significant improvement. The alb/glb ratio after less than a month of Kumis treatment from 0.27 to 0.75.

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