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Wet FIP6 mg / kg0.38 ml/kg
Dry FIP8 mg / kg0.5 ml/kg
Ocular FIP10 mg / kg0.63 ml/kg
Neurological FIP12 mg / kg0.75 ml/kg
Relapse15 mg / kg0.94 ml/kg
  • An adequate drinking regimen is important throughout treatment.
  • We recommend hepatoprotectives throughout the treatment period!!!
  • The above dosage is only indicative. Consult the group or your veterinarian regarding the specific dosage for your cat. More detailed dosage options can be found in calculator.
  • In ocular and neurological FIP, it is possible to achieve better results (especially with tablets) by dividing the dose into 2 times a day

6 reviews for Pany

  1. Michaela -

    In the treatment of our cat Lenka, we used the following drugs at a dose of 5 mg / kg body weight:
    Beat 15mg - 3 days (emergency vial)
    Lucky 15mg - 21 days
    Men 16mg - 60 days
    During this time, the cat's condition was still in order, the cat gained weight and was active, and today at the end of the post-race I can recommend all the mentioned drugs. The cat responded immediately after starting treatment with Beat and continued to be more active during the treatment until the end of treatment, without any fluctuations.

  2. Catherine -

    Our Eli, a combination of Pany and Lucky, 3.6. it ends posttreatment and is perfectly fine.

  3. Cibulkova -

    We started with a wet Fip on Lucky 15, after a week the ampoule reached us and I got it from the Pany source - we gave it about 5 days, the cat got worse after 2 days, first he vomited once, slept until the next day, was apathetic, sleepy, stopped Fortunately, thanks to this group, I got Lucky back again and the boy improved significantly, he started to be sure, he started playing, he stopped being apathetic.

  4. B -

    I am writing this review instead of the owners of the kitten who was treated with Pany all the time with a wet FIP. Now the boy is in post treatment and he is fine.

  5. L. -

    I am writing this review instead of the owner of the cat. It's hard to say exactly what happened, but after moving to the Pany (before that Lucky was used and the cat was improving significantly), the cat's condition began to deteriorate, and eventually he died. Due to the fact that no autopsy was performed and there is no data regarding the blood, it is not possible to state unequivocally whether it was just a coincidence or whether Pany is a bad medicine. I know of several cases where cats thrive on the Pany very well. However, information is spreading in the global group that Pany is an infamous SAK sold under a different name. Either way, you probably have to be careful. At least until more information is available.

  6. Natalia -

    We use it for a few days, but everything goes smoothly. The cat has improved incredibly. I definitely recommend!

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