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  • Počas celej liečby je dôležitý dostatočný pitný režim.
  • Doporučujem hepatoprotektíva počas  celej liečby!!!
  • Vyššie uvedené dávkovanie je iba orientačné. Ohľadne konkrétneho dávkovania pre vašu mačku sa poraďte v skupine alebo so svojim veterinárom.
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14 recenzie k CureFIP 20

  1. Christina.N

    Efficiency, quality, and support summarize this company.

    Thank you CureFIP, from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Rio Murillo

    Thank you for existing!

    I found this drug on Facebook 3 months ago. After the first week of injection, my Oreo showed significant improvements. No more vomiting and her appetite surprisingly increased without needing to force feed her. After one month, she started to jump everywhere. Now, the treatment is done after 84 days. I get my old Oreo back. I buy her some toys as a reward for being a fighter. She’s FIP free now!

  3. Markus Schulz

    I had to switch to because I found them the most reliable and informative. Because of them I understand how the medicine work and how I can calculate properly in addition to that they provide an after sale services not like most brands which stopped replying to me after purchasing!
    Thanks to them my cat is on the last 2 weeks of treatment with great results.

  4. Susana

    Hello everyone, my kitty Misho, is on the treatment for wet FIP and is doing very well so far, no hair has fallen out, no sores on his body.
    The doctor injects him because I am very fearful to put needles on my own, besides it is better that a health professional does it and takes care of my kitty’s treatment and I trust a lot in the clinical judgment of my doctor now.

    The truth is, that I am very thankful because the doctor that I received the diagnosis from at the beginning, asked me to put him to sleep, I did not listen and kept looking until I found or, they are the same company.

    At the beginning I thought it was a scam and that I was not going to get the medicine but everything arrived on time and the workers who are experts in the treatment were very kind to me and continue to be so. They are very professional and answer all my questions.

    Once again, I thank you for being so dedicated in what you do because people like you, there are not many in the market, but you are very attentive, kind, helpful and above all, at a good price because it is really worth it. My Misho’s life is priceless and that is why I give him what I believe is best for him.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  5. 앨리

    안녕하세요^^ 저희집 고양이가 저번에 10바이알 산 이후로 정말 많이 좋아지고 황달수치가 4에서 0.1까지 내려가고 드라마틱하게 모든 부분에서 건강해지고 이젠 정말 재발방지를 위한 84일을 채울겁니다. 아기는 이제 딱 12개월이구요 원래 복수까지찬 몸무게가 3.2키로였는데 지금은 장기랑 대변까지 다보일정도로 복수가 다빠졌어요 근데도 3.94키로까지 쪄버렸는데 일단 좋은 제품 구하게 해주셔서 정말 감사합니다.의사선생님이 너무 드라마틱하대요.. 원래 다른 병원에서는 입원도 시키지말고 임종보라했는데 이젠 왠만한 고양이보다 모든 면에서 건강해요.

  6. Ganesan Kumar

    My girl Ginger was not eating and went form limping to just straight up not walking. I was distraught when we found out that she had FIP with virus affecting her CNS, I was even more heart broken when my vet told me that there was no cure for and I had to watch her slowly suffer and fade away.

    Thank you CureFIP for your miracle drug, after just 15 days of injection treatment, Ginger has started eating and is moving around a little more, albeit still not stable in her walking. Thank you for your attentive and priceless advise given to help her get back on her feet. We may have 69 more days to go for the treatment, but things are looking so much better.

  7. James Anthony

    My 8 month old kitten Mable was tested positive for neuro FIP and is currently on GS treatment with meds from Curefip. She is on her first week of injection and has been showing great improvement 🥺. Thank you Curefip for being so responsive to my enquiries and for being attentive to my cat’s very specific condition ❤️

  8. 앨리

    안녕하세요^^ 저희집 고양이가 저번에 10바이알 산 이후로 정말 많이 좋아지고 황달수치가 4에서 0.1까지 내려가고 드라마틱하게 모든 부분에서 건강해지고 이젠 정말 재발방지를 위한 84일을 채울겁니다. 아기는 이제 딱 12개월이구요 원래 복수까지찬 몸무게가 3.2키로였는데 지금은 장기랑 대변까지 다보일정도로 복수가 다빠졌어요 근데도 3.94키로까지 쪄버렸는데 일단 좋은 제품 구하게 해주셔서 정말 감사합니다.의사선생님이 너무 드라마틱하대요.. 원래 다른 병원에서는 입원도 시키지말고 임종보라했는데 이젠 왠만한 고양이보다 모든 면에서 건강해요.

  9. Celine

    I used 17mg from My cat is in small size so they recommend me 17mg.
    After 46days of injection, she gain back her energy to play around and she no longer look tired. I am happy with that !

  10. Sophia M.

    Last year my 2 cats got wet FIP and I treated for 84 days, then I stop treatment for 2 weeks and one shown relapse symptom so I decided to retreat again with Curefip (Use other brand before) for another 30 days. Now my cat is well treated and very healthy. Thank you Curefip!

  11. Melina Bruce

    My cat was injected with curefip 20mg. It has been 58days. The blood test result was good and the ag ratio went from 0.3 to 0.65. A little bit more to be better on the AG. Their customer service was helpful and they provided a lot of advice. No doubt about their medicine quality as the medicine is working so well for my cat. I am glad I found them before it is too late to save my cat.

  12. Emma Van Dijk

    No doubt about Curefip at all – good quality, good service and not buying from an individual but a reputable company. No cat parents can be as informative or effective as a company that actually only sells treatment for FIP. No matter how much one would think their neighbour who fought cancer and actually treat cancer. I am actually glad i entrusted the treatment to a company instead. Kudos CF !

  13. Jennifer Stevenson

    Curefip’s prices are on the higher end but you get what you pay for. All I want is a peace of mind. Relapse guarantee that actually claimable and 30 days refund guarantee. I spoke to many people selling GS and got quoted cheaper GS but non was as professional as Curefip. They have a presence online and whenever I message them, someone is there to attend me. Hence why I say, you get what you paid for. In terms of medicine, no doubt on the quality at all. They concentration reports and high concentration. This alone is more than enough to give you a peace of mind.

  14. Jindra

    Curefip je opravdu velmi hustý a velmi štiplavý. Kocourek při prvních aplikacích hodněi naříkal. Dávku jsme aplikovali dvěma někdy třema vpichy, takže žádný kožní problém nebyl.

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