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  • Počas celej liečby je dôležitý dostatočný pitný režim.
  • Doporučujem hepatoprotektíva počas  celej liečby!!!
  • Vyššie uvedené dávkovanie je iba orientačné. Ohľadne konkrétneho dávkovania pre vašu mačku sa poraďte v skupine alebo so svojim veterinárom.
  • Podrobnejšie dávkovanie v kalkulačke.
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4 recenzie k CureFIP 30

  1. Frank Boudville

    I’m truly glad to have found the 30mg from My dear Furby was using 9mg/kg but had was still no recovering well with Aino.. and it was painful having to see her be in so much pain while still being frail and weak..

    Since switching over to, she is in less pain because of the lower dosage and after 30 days of the new treatment, she’s so much more alive and closer to being the loving and playful furball that she is. Their 30 days money back guarantee and relapse programme also helps to give me some security.

  2. Micheal Galvezo

    I am glad i found 30mg vial from …. my cat is 6.3kg and before this i was using 15mg vial from Lucky for my cat treatment.. injecting 4ml daily was crazily painful and also very difficult for us… 😫😫 thank god curefip have 30mg so i dont need to inejct so much daily.. and thank you the admins for kind patience in answeing my doubts… god bless u all..

  3. Kento T.

    私の猫は3月に病院で神経学的FIPと診断されました。私の獣医は私に をお勧めします。しかし、彼は、この薬はまだ日本で登録されていないので、彼は私が数回の注射をするのを手伝ってくれるだけだと私に言いました。彼から注射の仕方を学んだら、自分で注射する必要があります。


    私の猫が2日間治療を開始した後、彼は水を食べたり飲んだりし始めましたが、それでも彼は少し歩くことができました。彼が水を食べたり飲んだりし始めたことを嬉しく思います。彼がいつものように歩けることを願っています。 2週間後、奇跡が起こります。私の猫はいつものように歩き始め、家中をジャンプし続けます。私たちは本当に幸せで、私の獣医と に感謝する必要があります。


    FIP猫を救うのを手伝ってくれた に本当に感謝します。


  4. Adrie Visser

    30mg from – LIFESAVER ! My cat is 6.3kg, dry FIP and ocular. Imagine the amount I have to inject if I didn’t found CF30. Even with CF30, I have to inject 2.1ml. Fabian is doing extremely well at day 17. He is getting a little aggressive when it comes to the injection time so I am switching over to curefip capsules when Fabian finishes 25 days of injection. Capsules, another life saver from Fabian wouldn’t be alive and kicking with this.

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