What is FIP

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a fatal infectious disease of cats. There are two basic forms - wet (effusive) and dry (non-effusive). FIP can also affect the eyes and central nervous system. In this case, we are talking about the ocular or neurological form of FIP. You can find more info practically on this whole portal, as it is entirely dedicated to FIP and its treatment. Read "What is FIP?"

Is FIP contagious?

No. The coronavirus is highly contagious and most cats will be exposed to it at some point during their life. FCoV is shed through feces, so cats who share a litter box or groom one another are exposed to the benign form of the virus. Cats who have a healthy immune system will pass the coronavirus with little to no issue other than a bout of diarrhea and/or cold-like symptoms.

Cats who have a weakened or not fully developed immune system may not be able to pass the coronavirus, and the virus mutates into FIP. Once mutated into FIP, the virus is no longer contagious.

There is believed to be a genetic component with FIP, so biological litter mates may share the same genetic predisposition that allows FCoV to mutate. A family history of FIP does unfortunately increase the likelihood that siblings will develop FIP. Read "Is FIP contagious?"

How much does it cost to treat one cat?

The treatment lasts 84 days. Of course, tablets have the slight disadvantage of dosing accuracy, as it is very difficult to break the tablet into smaller parts than into quarters, so the real price will be slightly higher. You never have to buy medication for the whole treatment at once. Dosage in relapse, other types of FIP, etc. may increase, which then corresponds to a higher price.

Approximate price of treatment according to the type of FIP and the form of the drug in CZK (EUR) per kg / 84 days
GSWet FIPDry FIPOcular FIPNeurological FIPRelapse
Injections (CZK / kg)5,9378411.801
Injections (€ / kg)242840.481
Tablets (CZK / kg)8416.365
Tablets (€ / kg)840.667
Read "How much does it cost to treat one cat?"

How long does the treatment last?

Recommended duration of treatment based on the original clinical study of Dr. Pedersen lasts for at least 12 weeks of subcutaneous injections.

After twelve weeks, blood testing is recommended and the clinical status of the cat should be assessed to determine whether treatment should be continued. Read "How long does the treatment last?"