Statistics on FIP treatment in the Czech & Slovak Republic

A project is underway, the aim of which is to provide an overview of the treatment of FIP in the Czech Republic / Slovakia. The input data is obtained through a questionnaire, which does not really take you much time. Just click most of the answers.

If you want to update your answers in the future, choose to send a copy to your e-mail.

The result is completely anonymized statistics. Contact details are not public and only serve to unambiguously identify individual cases for the purposes of possible contact for verification and updating of data. Your answers will automatically be reflected in the statistics within 5 minutes.

You can update the questionnaire at any time by choosing to send replies by e-mail on the last page before sending it.

If you have ever filled in the questionnaire but do not know how to update the answers, write me a message from contact form or write to me on Facebook. But be sure not to answer the whole questionnaire again !!! The link below is for first filling of the questionnaire only.

The questions in the questionnaire are only in Slovak, but the resulting statistics are processed in both Slovak and English.