Feline Infectious Peritonitis: Latest Drug GS441524 as FIP Treatment & Prevention in Cats

Sesame & Puff

FIP is known as a deadly disease for decades and no cat could ever escape from the fate of dying of this virus. But not anymore - the GS441524 injections found in 2017 had changed the game. Cats were found cured by this drug after a course of around 84 days of injections. However, since the drug is potentially a drug for also the virus causing Covid19, we do not know when - if ever - will this drug be officially approved by the FDA as a treatment for FIP.
Prevent the virus from spreading from cat to cat is equally important. While we know that the virus for FIP is not likely to be transmittable between cats, the FeCV (the original form of FIP virus) is transmittable from cats to cats and so to prevent FIP, we have to take measures to prevent FeCV from spreading from your infected cat to your healthy cats.


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