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Original article on facebook blog Bella doesn't want FIP; 16.1.2020; at FIP Warriors 17.1.2021
Published at FIP Warriors CZ / SK on the occasion of the first anniversary…

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With today's article I will deviate a little from the daily news about Bellč from your second mother… Many of you have been asking from the beginning how we treat, what we treat, what the drug is called and so on and so forth… Since we have been tense like kshandas since October they asked, believe it or not, but hundreds of people wrote to me, asked for help, and I tried to get medicine for myself and them, was and still am in contact with a lot of foreign veterinarians, we are still trying to help others and other people to get medicine, translate conversations between people and veterinarians to make a faster and better agreement, believe me, we barely had time to eat, so there wasn't even time to write an article about medicine, treatment, etc.…

Well, as Bellča's treatment is coming to an end, I have found time to make my quarter-year effort to study as much as possible among you.
In short, they start with what FIP, or infectious feline peritonitis you want, is… Fipka is a viral disease of cats that cause coronaviruses.
Coronavirus is the common name for the four genera of these viruses, alpha, beta, gamma and delta.

Almost every cat has coronavirus, as it is transmitted fecally orally, it is very difficult to avoid it, in shelters, or if you bring a cat from somewhere on the street. Therefore, very little is needed for a cat to become infected with coronavirus, for example, a simple visit to a cat toilet. The virus should destroy ordinary savo, chirox, but if you do not intend to sit at home in front of the cat and disinfect it every time one of your cats visits the toilet, it is practically impossible to avoid it…

However, the fact that a cat is positive for coronavirus does not mean that it has a fox.
If anyone has questions about this picture, I would like to explain in the comments, but I think that even for those of you who are not English speakers, it will be clear enough. (Note: image translated)

A little more theory about fipa itself. FIP is divided into DRY (non-fusive, dry form) and WET (effusive, wet form) form. Dry FIP is further divided into:

  • Dry form without ocular and neurological symptoms
  • Dry form of ocular symptoms
  • Dry form of neuro symptoms
  • Dry form of neuro ocular symptoms

Please note that normally any Fipka is and will be a deadly disease, this treatment is a chance that it will change, but 100% is not a cure! Don't think, as some have even written to me, that you can live with fip for weeks, months, years… The wet form has an average survival of about 14 days to a month in very exceptional cases, the dry form is slower, but the kitten does not survive for more than a few months. It can't be treated with anything else, so the grandmothers of the spice jar who tried to tell us how they cured it with saffron and basil, really NO… I'm quite an alternative person who doesn't even take ibalgin, but nothing really works for this disease except GS… Let's trust American scientists once 😉 😉
The only chance to defend against the fip and try to prevent it is to keep the cat healthy, support immunity (DO NOT SUPPORT the diagnosis of fip and subsequent treatment of Immunity! It would worsen the effect of the drug) and support its mental well-being, as immune and trampled cat…

Wet fip symptoms and diagnosis - large abdomen due to effusion in the abdominal cavity, it is usually the first thing the doctor examines, does a sono of the abdomen where he sees the wrinkled peritoneum and fluid. I recommend having the fluid removed with a puncture needle and sent to a diagnostic that will tell you with certainty whether it is a fip or not. coronavirus, which can happen in cats that will never have a fip. When taking fluid from the abdomen, the veterinarian usually sees whether it is a fip or not, because the effusion in the fip is yellow. Otherwise, the cat develops greater drowsiness, apathy, the cat eats less and less as the belly grows more and more. Furthermore, you can tell by the overall appearance of the cat, they are so disheveled, they have an elongated face, they just have such a sick dying look, but maybe I can only see it, because we already have a lot of experience with fip cats. Another symptom is a fever that does not respond to treatment.

Dry fip symptoms and diagnosis - in the dry form of fip without obvious neuro or ocular symptoms, the diagnosis is very difficult. Weight loss is the first, the cat is often anemic, for this reason it has pale mucous membranes (gums but also ears) and, as with the wet form, fever. Ocular symptoms are often added, the cat's eyes begin to water, it has narrowed, the pupils are each differently large and react differently to light, the eyes are as if foggy, gray, lifeless. Neuro symptoms include poor walking, over time the cat loses control of the limbs, sphincters. The diagnosis is made by magnetic resonance imaging, the diagnosis is not very clear from the blood, as these symptoms may have a different origin, or unfortunately only when autopsy from pieces of tissue.

But you can easily find all this information on Google… What is harder to find is a cure. At the very beginning, I will refer you to the FIP warriors group, which is an international group of people who are able and willing to find a cure, give you contacts, explain everything and advise you. Unfortunately, only in English, but it is not a problem to invite a Czech member who is willing to help with the translation, I have translated several times myself.

Many of you claim that there is no cure. Basically, you are right, there is no officially approved, studied drug, but there is an experimental drug GS 441524. These are antivirals, ie a drug for viral diseases, in this case specifically SARS, Ebola… This drug simply works by preventing the virus from penetrating through the membrane of white blood cells into their nucleus, thus simply simply preventing the mutated coronavirus from continuing to multiply and spread throughout the body. GS 441524 is the collective name for the active substance in the drug. Medicines can be obtained under the names Mutian, Shire, Curefip, SAK, Huahua, Blossom, Miner… There are many of them. The price ranges from 1800, - for a 5 ml ampoule with medicine to about 10000, - for an equally large ampoule.

You will get GS after joining the group mentioned above, so please do not ask you all of this… Don't write to me. not even write off, so I'm writing this article. If fip meets you, join the group or write to me and I will connect you with someone, I will help with the translation, but it is not in my power to explain to everyone from the basics what and how, communicate for you with drug suppliers and send money for you. It was also very difficult for me to manage it, when I knew about fipka big balls and nowhere did I find all this information about the drug kor in Czech. That's why I'm writing this mini guide on how to proceed if you're diagnosed with fip.

  1. Join the FIP warriors group
  2. Contact some Czech in the group, ask on the wall in the group for help, translation, connection with the Group Admin
  3. Payment is usually made via transferwise or PayPal, so let's all see if you're ready and you don't look at owls like I looked at when they unpacked it for me. It looks complicated, but after one payment you find that there is really nothing wrong with that.

These are probably the basic three points that you have to manage, ideally on the day you are diagnosed with fip, because how many times you play for time, and the drug travels here from abroad for some time, usually it's 3-5 days, but it can happen that the package will catch you at the border, and the consignment will be delayed for another two weeks. It is ideal to try to get the so-called admins on the site. Emergency vial, which is an ampoule from someone who has a supply and is willing to sell it to you, ideally a person who lives a short distance from you, some driving distance and is able to get the medicine to you before your order arrives. While we are waiting for the package we go somewhere to get injections and needles, we have Injekt F from Braun, they have 1ml, they are thin and do not put almost any resistance when applying the drug, and we use needles brown or green from BD microlance (watch out for length, 16ml you I think it's just that, the longer ones are fart). And when we have injections at home and ideally a drug, of course, we go to open the Internet and study how the drug is administered.

GS application - we will prepare an ampoule with liquid, an injection and a needle, which we will lock for injection so that it does not come loose. We will calculate the dose according to the weight of the cat (I will put the link to the calculator down in the links) and we will take the required amount, but it will always take a little more, as about 0.03 ml will remain in the needle and the tip of the injection. The drug is applied subcutaneously to the hips, around the spine, roughly in places from the shoulder blades above the buttocks. We never apply the medicine to the neck or buttocks, as it is poorly absorbed and may not work properly. We change the needle, knock out the bubbles and go for it. We catch the skin fold (when you pull the skin out you make a triangle, a pyramid) and at an angle of about 45 degrees we insert an injection into a screaming cat in the middle of our pyramid. Be careful not to shoot the skin through, the needle must be nicely under the layers of skin. I then loosen the lashes and pull back to check if I'm injecting air or blood, if the air is a teal and we can apply GS if the blood, it means we've injected a blood vessel, we pull it out and try elsewhere. I warn you that the medicine is quite pungent, and cats don't like it at all, so get ready for the theater in the form of a roaring cat hanging on a chandelier, chopping furiously around, bitten and scratched hands, for injections with expensive medicine flying through the air the probability that you will cure yourself of Ebola when the impact stabs you in the shoulder, than that the cat will be stabbed in peace (kor in the first days, the cats are quite pr…) I recommend treating the cat in at least two people, one holds, the other stings injection, or to produce a so-called Kitten Burrito. After the third time you manage to deliver all the medicine to the cat, make sure that it doesn't leak somewhere, how many times it just happens that you shoot the medicine next to it. We try to estimate how much has leaked and give another injection immediately, but the full dose should be given again correctly. It is also a good idea to gently rinse the cat with at least a little water instead of the injection site so that you do not have scabs, but be careful! Don't massage and don't push where the medicine is or you'll push it out and you can start playing the theater again.
Then we just make sure that the cats do not lick instead of taking bacteria under the skin…

This is how we last 84 days, and then we pray for another 12 weeks that there is no relapse and we do not have to start again, the longer the drug is used, the greater the chance that it will stop helping the cat, unfortunately… It is good at least at the beginning and before the end treatment, do a complete biochemistry, blood test, sono, and then consult a veterinarian in the group of FIP warriors if we can stop treatment after 84 injections or whether to continue for some time. And if you overcome 84 days after treatment without relapse, the percentage that the disease returns gradually decreases.

Now something else to treat Bellchi, as a lot of people have asked about some of the things I'll discuss below. We started healing Bellča last October, in a total panic I managed to find some information about GS and the FIP warriors group by some chance and miraculously, I joined, communicated the emergency vial and the first order. That's when I was told that Shire (my first emergency vial) is very hard to come by, and that Mutian is sure. The price difference between shire and Mutian is striking (shire about 2 thousand, mutian about 10 thousand.) No Bellinka is our baby, so of course we ordered a few bottles of mutian, which we had and launched the collection with Fousek. A lot of money was raised in total, and after 14 days on mutian we found a supplier of shire. At that time we were diagnosed with a second fip (yes, we also thought that the disease was ultimately contagious, but the opposite is true, both fipes are different mutations, hence two independent fipp) at our Taystee. We were really down mentally, what now, one to treat, one to die? Since there was a lot of money in the account, we decided to go to Shire, with the proviso that for the money we would put in the mutian, we could treat other cats. And so it happened, we treat two, we study, we read studies and laboratory tests, we can basically be a stateswoman when we started noticing that our Zoe has a shaggy tail .. We thought it was nothing, but if after Fever started in 14 days, it was clear to us and we went to the vet only to puncture the fluid and confirm the predetermined diagnosis. So we have a third piece. Same mutation as Taystee. To heal or not? Well, we squeezed our wallets to the bottom, and we continued with Zoe. Bellcha and I are now at the end of treatment, Zoe I Taystee is ending in February, all three are still alive, and neither of them should have been here. Throughout the hustle and bustle, we said we wouldn't publish anything about them yet, as we barely had the strength to answer questions and news about what had been going on until then.

We are currently in a phase where I am trying to study the fact that Bella has one mutation (I don't know the name from her head), sister Bunny Knock Knock doesn't have a flip, and Zoe and Taystee have a second mutation, but they are not related. All cats were tested for the presence of coronavirus before coming to our house, they were all negative, probably a mystery or something…

I hope that I wrote everything that was needed, in case of any questions I will add info to the article, excuse us that we did not inform about all the circumstances in the pre-Christmas rush, but when one hears this diagnosis in one cat that is a family member for him, he collapses the world, let alone when they gradually tell him the diagnosis of the other two, when a person refuses to give up, looks for possibilities, ways, works 20 hours 7 days a week, tries to take care of animals, household, goes to work, communicates with foreign suppliers, veterinarians, still calculates in his head, money, how much to order medicines, where, from whom, for how long it comes, for how long we have a supply, he goes to the vet a hundred km from home, measures and weighs kittens… I would give a million for some a similar article in October, when we were diagnosed with the first FIP. And now a few statistics about mothers in the end, let's not always just about Belle… We have written about 4 hours a day, in the last three months we ate about as much as an ordinary person in about two weeks, last time we sat quietly on TV about in mid-October, we celebrated the holidays with injections at the tree, New Year's Eve as if, the circumference of my belly decreased by about ten numbers, but unfortunately it's not as cheeky for me as for kittens at the beginning of treatment, at home the mess is probably still from Christmas (and one really tries) but after the whole carousel we fall to the mouth with forgiveness and one is glad that he is able to work in a car at all.

This would probably close me for the time being, I apologize for any diacritical, grammatical or other mistakes, after all we are just people and I would like to listen to any additional information that is inaccurate or untrue in the article, in the evening Bellča, ciao adios warriors and NEVER GIVE UP 😘

Links finally -

Batch calculator: https://fiptreatment.com/dose-calculator/

FIP warriors: https://www.facebook.com/groups/158363205096283/

I have studied all the information in various ways, people, the Internet, from Dr. Pedersen and his studies, everything can be found in the FIP warriors group…

Link updates:

Benefit calculator: https://www.fipwarriors.eu/kalkulacka-gs-441524/

The original FIP Warriors group no longer exists.
Try FIP Warriors CZ / SK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fipczsk

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