Pine's statement on the relationship with CureFIP

Dear clients,

Due to the COVID-19 crisis in the world, many flights have been canceled and, as a result, there has been a delay in our courier service, for which we apologize. We understand that many cat owners in the US and Europe are out of stock and some clients have ordered a brand name called "Pine" from the CUREFIP website. Despite treatment with "Pine"
the drug proved ineffective, the cats began to weaken and some even died. We would like to make it clear that we have NEVER worked with the owner of the CUREFIP website to sell our medicine. We have nothing to do with CUREFIP. The owner is a Chinese American named Leon Li and his Malaysian business partner Rebecca. They both live in Malaysia. They use the CUREFIP brand, where they falsely declared that they were selling PINE, even though they were actually selling another product to their clients at a very high mark-up. In addition, the cat owner does not know how to use the medicine and the recommended dosage, which varies depending on the weight of the cat. The negligence and lack of interest of CUREFIP can make your pet's condition worse.
The owner of CUREFIP started a business based on lies about the fact that FIP has a positive cat and that he runs a shelter. He is rude to clients and commits fraud. We asked them to remove the photos and product names from the website, but refused. Contact your sales representative to order the actual drug and ask to order from this fraudster. I hope that all FIP cat owners will stick together and stop ordering from CureFIP. We hope all your beloved cats will recover soon!

Fight FIP, Fight COVID-19.


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