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Wet FIP6 mg / kg0.36 ml/kg
Dry FIP8 mg / kg0.48 ml/kg
Ocular FIP10 mg / kg0.6 ml/kg
Neurological FIP12 mg / kg0.72 ml/kg
Relapse15 mg / kg0.89 ml/kg
  • An adequate drinking regimen is important throughout treatment.
  • We recommend hepatoprotectives throughout the treatment period!!!
  • The above dosage is only indicative. Consult the group or your veterinarian regarding the specific dosage for your cat. More detailed dosage options can be found in calculator.
  • In ocular and neurological FIP, it is possible to achieve better results (especially with tablets) by dividing the dose into 2 times a day

20 reviews for Aino

  1. Helena Hadrabová -

    It works well, but after a week we got lesions, so we prefer to go back to Suya.

  2. Daniel K -

    It is a proper concentration.
    Cat has less painful compared to others especially 20-30mg/ml.
    Well recovery, it takes only 1-4 days for Wet FIP, 2-7 days for Neuro.

  3. Mirka Horáková -

    We switched to injections, because tbl. HERO was insufficiently absorbed at Siss's high dosage, as she gradually gained weight. She had neuro-ocular FIP, bhzl. AINO was also applied in a high dose. It was difficult, but luckily, thank God, it took, so we finished the treatment with injections. We started the treatment at the beginning of December 2021 and the kitten is now, in September 2022, in perfect condition. At the beginning of the treatment, she was blind, anemic, her liver and kidneys failed, she was constipated and did not eat. Her lowest weight was 1.7 kg... now she weighs 3.95 kg✌️✌️✌️

  4. Jana Pochylová -

    The medicine began to take effect on the first day, the liquid in the abdomen immediately began to decrease, after a few days there was no liquid at all. After a week, we switched to pills for easier administration.

  5. Nelly -

    We were on AINO injections from start to finish (we switched to Hero pills in the last two weeks because we had lesions). He took the medicine right away. The first injection was given on Friday, a significant improvement by Monday. We injected ourselves, so our "unprofessionalism" gave us 3 lesions during the treatment, but when the doctor injected, the cat did not notice it and there were no monuments after the injection. We definitely recommend.

  6. Jarka -

    I can recommend the drug, it works, we used it throughout the treatment, now we have the last week until the end of treatment. The boy looks even better than before the disease. He is cheerful, playful, gradually gains weight, has a beautiful shiny coat again.

  7. Petra Mišinová -

    We are the 60th day of wet FIP treatment.
    Kocúrik first fought with us, but over time it improved. Although we had 2 lesions during the current treatment, we quickly cured them.

    Kocúrik responded to the treatment within about 4 days.

  8. Zuzana K. -

    The drug started working very quickly. Pussy in two days action, she eats in two. We have now gained from 3.1 kg to 3.1 kg a month before the end of treatment. We had a dry FiP. The cubes could be counted on a ball, during the first 14 days it was already rounding and gaining weight. I can only recommend the drug.

  9. Dana Červenková -

    We started giving the medicine to our cat with a wet form of FIP and a big improvement occurred right after the first injection. I think it's a great medicine.

  10. Irena -

    We used Aino for more than half the treatment, then switched to Hero pills. Already after the first two injections, a change was visible, the boy began to eat, drink and become interested in what was going on around him. We had two lesions and one abscess, which I think was caused by poor application. Otherwise, an excellent drug for me, mainly because of how fast it took.

  11. Klára -

    We used Aino all the time, I was advised, although the cat cried at first, but then it worked out, she always got a reward and so she focused on the reward. The medicine probably took it right away, but on the third day I saw the cat feel better and her abdomen slowly sagging, after a week without a bloated belly. Aino, it was a good choice, probably as Natalie evaluates.

  12. Zuzana -

    After about 5 days of treatment, the cat burst swollen with fluid and its overall improvement was evident - she became more active, she was a little wild, she got thicker and her coat improved. The application was painful for the cube, but I have no comparison with other drugs, so I can not say if more or less than others - sometimes the application was without problems and "vocals", other times it was a fight, probably depending on spot you hit. Overall, however, I rate the drug as good and affordable

  13. Beata -

    Used throughout the treatment, the drug suited well, without complications. About two lesions formed and healed.

  14. Zdena -

    We used Aino for two thirds of the treatment and after reading the previous comments I can't confirm if it is less painful… it is thicker and you know it. I recommend warming the medicine at room temperature, it is better administered. Anyway. it works!

  15. Lucie -

    We are 33 days of treatment today… the treatment worked and we are satisfied with the medicine ?

  16. Dita Papežová -

    The cat tolerated the AINO application much better than the HERO she received for the first 2 days. After 14 days of treatment (in the first days of treatment we still treated mycomplasma with ATB), Březinka was full of life again, as if she was never ill. She ate normally again, no digestive problems, she played with others. We started to treat at 2Kg, after a month we were at 2.5Kg. Blood tests after a month of treatment also turned out very well.
    During the entire treatment period, only two sores on the skin were made at the injection site, which healed quickly. We applied with a 0.6 size needle and the drug flow was just right.
    Today, a week after the end of treatment, Březinka seems to be perfectly fine. She is such a little devil with a great appetite.

  17. Nikola Doležalová -

    After 16 hours from administration, the cat's appetite returned to life. After a month, he looked like any healthy cat. He gained 500 grams, the jaundice disappeared, the boy began to play like never before. We have the opposite experience with the administration of drugs. It's a big fight for us, not always.

  18. Duck -

    After only a few days, the boy changed beyond recognition thanks to the medicine! The price is great and the drug works very quickly. I definitely recommend!

  19. Lida -

    I can recommend this medicine. It works well and is less painful.

  20. Natalie -

    We have been using the medicine for a week now and it works great. According to the reactions of the cat it is also less painful - he doesn't even meow. The advantage is definitely the high concentration, the volume of the bottle and the price.

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