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17 reviews for Hero

  1. Monika Čecháková -

    Fast onset of action. The cat tolerated it well, after about 14 days we switched to Hero 32 tablets.

  2. Katarína EL -

    cat Jonas – 13 months – diagnosed as FIP dry with discharge
    Treated from 12/11/2022 to 1/2/2023 with HERO injection solution
    The effect of the medicine was manifested after the first administration - the first application in the morning, in the evening he crawled to eat alone. The breathing problems disappeared in about a week. Weight before illness 3.5 kg, at the beginning of treatment 3.1 kg, at the end of treatment 4.05 kg.
    Jonas is currently catching up on all the mischief he missed due to illness.
    I recommend Hero injections

  3. Helena Hadrabová -

    I chose this medicine as a follow-up after Suya. The cat moans a lot during application. After a while he calms down. However, I observe a significant improvement in the overall state of health. I definitely recommend it.

  4. Diana -

    Where did you get this product? Could you please share a link?
    Thank you!

  5. Nobody -

    We switched from the drug Thor and the cat was calmer with the dose. It probably affects everyone differently. I definitely recommend trying it and maybe something different bites each cat. Hard to judge .. Super for us ..

  6. Jitka Janků -

    We started treatment with this medicine, after four days of improvement. It is certainly a good medicine, the kitten only benefits when it is applied and screams terribly, so I assume that it is painful. After two bottles, we switched to another drug and the application of 90% is better, the kitten does not scream as much. Now we have Hero again and he's screaming again.
    So I would rather vote for Thor if I could.

  7. Katarina -

    Our cat has wet FIP in treatment for 38 days. Since the beginning of the treatment, we have used only this solution. His condition improved within 24 hours. Excellent efficiency.

  8. Barbora Barusová -

    After the post-treatment, the cat is happy and active. Since he was taking 12mg/kg, towards the end of the treatment he was on RC early renal, but his kidney parameters are now in order again. No side effects or permanent consequences after taking the medicine.

  9. Patricia -

    excellent efficacy - my cat (had wet FIP - ascites) - improvement within 4 days, ascites gone within 2 weeks.

  10. Dita -

    Damian was treated for wet FIP from January 22 to April 15, 2020. We used 3 drugs alternately: SAK (15 and 15.8 mg / kg), Dr. Cat (15 mg / kg) and Hero (16.5 mg / kg). However, we changed dosage for wet FIP from 5 mg/kg on the 46th day after consultation with Dr. Pedersen to 7 mg/kg because Damian's blood tests were not optimal. The application of the drug was problematic, the worst was the application of SAK - it was clear it hurted him, significantly more than the other 2 drugs. The least painful was Hero, and I had the greatest confidence in it, it seemed the best to me. If I could, I'd use it all the time.

  11. Klára Zemanová -

    After a month of treatment on Hero 15, we switched to Hero 16.5, with which we have just as positive experience. No problems, no lesions, the only problem was that the drug burdened the liver, I recommend taking hepatoprotectives during treatment with Hero.

  12. Myriam -

    I am seeing a good amount of cats doing exceptional well on Hero “White Cap”. Hero is reliable, affordable, never any flaking - a brand I totally trust and feel blessed to be able to recommend.

  13. Justi -

    The cat has a full treatment on Hero (dry FIP). End of treatment 20/09/2020. So far a specimen of health :)
    We recommend

  14. Bohdana Mokrá -

    I can recommend, we did not notice any problems during the treatment, we applied Hero in about the last third of the treatment.

  15. Oľga Krištofičová -

    Bella started treatment on April 1, 2020 with Hero 16.5 and moved to 16.8 from the middle of the treatment
    The treatment ended on 23.6.
    We did not experience any health complications with this medicine during or after treatment. The drug is affordable and in my experience good quality. I can only recommend.

  16. Elizabeth -

    Cat treated Hero 16.5 and also 15 during the whole treatment, no complications during the treatment, not even in the posttr., From our experience I recommend this drug.

  17. Vanda Lewis -

    Our Uhlicek was treated with Hero 16.5 and 16.8.
    Start of treatment 10.4.2020 and end 2.7.2020.
    So far he is healthy and I am having a great time.
    Great, I recommend.

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