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Wet FIP6 mg / kg0.36 ml/kg
Dry FIP8 mg / kg0.48 ml/kg
Ocular FIP10 mg / kg0.6 ml/kg
Neurological FIP12 mg / kg0.72 ml/kg
Relapse15 mg / kg0.89 ml/kg
  • An adequate drinking regimen is important throughout treatment.
  • We recommend hepatoprotectives throughout the treatment period!!!
  • The above dosage is only indicative. Consult the group or your veterinarian regarding the specific dosage for your cat. More detailed dosage options can be found in calculator.
  • In ocular and neurological FIP, it is possible to achieve better results (especially with tablets) by dividing the dose into 2 times a day

7 reviews for Thor

  1. Linda -

    Hello, where can I get these medicines please?

  2. Šárka Michal -

    Thor was our first vial at the beginning of treatment. Already 6!!! hours after administration he started to eat on his own, the next day he started to play and the improvement was very, very fast. The price was higher than Suya's, but it worked great, only his stroller meowed on the way home from the vet, so it probably hurt him a bit.

  3. Nobody -

    After the first month of use, we had great results. According to all tests, the cat was in excellent condition. I highly recommend it. I just feel that he pinched him a bit, we switched from 45. Davka to Hero inj. and was calmer with the dose. But it can affect everyone differently... he saved our lives and that's important.

  4. Jitka Janků -

    After applying this medicine, the cat does not scream like it does with others. The application runs smoothly. The effect is also excellent, the kitten is gaining weight, the blood results have improved, there is no liquid in the belly. Great medicine for me.

  5. Andrea -

    Immediately after the first dose, we noticed a significant improvement in our cat, after the second dose she was already playful again and was chewing on her own

  6. Tereza Jurová -

    I recommend the drug.. used for the first 3 weeks of treatment.. wet, dry Fip, quick absorption of fluids in the body and overall improvement of the cat's condition after a few days..

  7. Dana Javůrková -

    I use the drug Thor 16.9 for the cat Marion, who has been in treatment for 62 days. At the beginning of the treatment, Marion was no longer eating, she had fluid in her abdomen, she was apathetic, her temperature was around 40°C and she was dehydrated. The onset of the drug's effects was immediate. She started eating and her health started to improve rapidly. Now there is no sign that she is sick. I recommend the drug.

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