Legally produced remdesivir from Bova. In the Czech Republic, it can be obtained from some veterinarians. The disadvantage is the extremely high price. Apply SC or IV.

Wet FIP12 mg / kg1.2 ml/kg
Dry FIP16 mg/kg1.6 ml/kg
Ocular FIP20 mg / kg2 ml/kg
Neurological FIP24 mg/kg2.4 ml/kg
Relapse30 mg / kg3 ml/kg
  • An adequate drinking regimen is important throughout treatment.
  • We recommend hepatoprotectives throughout the treatment period!!!
  • The above dosage is only indicative. Consult the group or your veterinarian regarding the specific dosage for your cat. More detailed dosage options can be found in calculator.
  • In ocular and neurological FIP, it is possible to achieve better results (especially with tablets) by dividing the dose into 2 times a day


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