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16 reviews for Lucky

  1. Andy -

    Used most brands now with more than 100 cats – we run a rescue shelter – and Lucky has been the best in terms of lack of relapse. Pills and injections seem good

  2. Katka Vašečková -

    At Lucky 15 (but also 20) I cried almost with the cat, he didn't even want a golden pig and the kind of fighting we had here was terrible, but the active ingredient to the obvious… we basically had from the beginning of the treatment, together with Beat 15, now we have a new couple of days white spark 20… 20. Day of treatment

  3. Daniel -

    Fidorka, 10 months at the beginning of treatment. We have been using Lucky 15 since day one. Since our very first kitten died of FIP because the diagnosis was too late, we started with Fidorka - now healthy cats - with injections immediately after consulting a veterinarian at the first suspicion of FIP before the results of electrophoresis.

    The drug took about the fourth to fifth day. I remember it wasn't right away, because about the third day I felt completely helpless about her condition. However, the drug took off, Fidorka started to eat and run normally and during the treatment she got from 2.2 kg to 3.5.

    We followed a dose of 7 mg / kg (we did not have a effusion), and during treatment we added 0.05 to 0.1 ml to each dose due to the fact that sometimes the cat laughed before the administration of the whole amount or when the drop leaked. We didn't want to risk underdosing.

    One bulge occurred during treatment.
    We definitely recommend it for us.

  4. White -

    The boy is about 5 years old, wet FIP. We changed more drugs during the treatment. The starting drug for 2 days was Hero tablets, followed by 14 days for Pany, then 26 days for Lucky 15, 40 days for Lucky 20 and the last 9 days for Lucky 15. The boy started to be livelier after about 3 days, within 10 days the water disappeared from his belly. We extended the treatment by a week with an increase in medication (application twice a day), due to non-ideal blood results. The drugs were administered at room temperature. He managed the injections very well, he cried only a few times during the application and he had 3 lesions after the injection, but they healed quite quickly after the treatment. In 10 days, our posttreatment ends and the boy is the same as before.

  5. Michaela O. -

    No side effects. Visible improvement after three days.

  6. Michaela -

    In the treatment of our cat Lenka, we used the following drugs at a dose of 5 mg / kg body weight:
    Beat 15mg - 3 days (emergency vial)
    Lucky 15mg - 21 days
    Men 16mg - 60 days
    During this time, the cat's condition was still in order, the cat gained weight and was active, and today at the end of the post-race I can recommend all the mentioned drugs. The cat responded immediately after starting treatment with Beat and continued to be more active during the treatment until the end of treatment, without any fluctuations.

  7. Iveta -

    Satisfaction. With good application, no skin lesions. We have this drug for almost the entire duration of the treatment, which worked great even if the cat was in a very bad condition. The cat has gained 1 kg in the last month, it is active, it is playing.

  8. Cibulkova -

    We are at Lucky 15, the boy has a wet Fip and he has been improving since the first dose and he started to get a little sure. started with a weight of 1885g and now has 2600g.

  9. Trojan -

    I started giving Lucky 15 medicine after two months of Lucky 20, when he was fine, active, but did not gain weight. From 22.4. I give Lucky 15 and the boy started to gain a lot, in 14 days he gained about 400 g.

  10. Jindra -

    We have been using since the 53rd injection, for the first two days the boy defended himself a lot, scratched and bit, so I guess it stings more. We divide the dose into 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening. This method has already proved successful for us with applications of the previous drug (LUCKY 20). There are no bumps and no scabs under the skin. The overall significant improvement probably occurred with the concomitant application of ATB and thus the suppression of inflammatory processes in the body.

  11. Renata Hanesova -

    Excellent .. after three days the kitten was playing, it behaves like before ..

  12. Zuzana -

    Great satisfaction, 55 days on this drug made miracles and the cat is as before and the results are very good. '

  13. Natalie -

    We have been treating tomcat "Ginger" with this medicine for 35 days and he is doing great, he has even gained half a kilo and he is already an adult cat. I definitely recommend this brand.

  14. Sarka M. -

    Satisfaction. We had almost the entire treatment and the cat tolerated it quite well 🙂

  15. Marie -

    We had Lucky 15 for about a week at the end of the treatment. There was hair loss on the application sites, which did not happen after the application of Spark 20, Spark 15 or Hero 15. There were no other adverse reactions.

  16. Heroes -

    So far, satisfaction, we treat 22nd day and the cat tolerates it well, he has improved a lot, he likes it more and is more active…

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