Kitty Care

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Wet FIP6 mg / kg0.4 ml/kg
Dry FIP8 mg / kg0.54 ml/kg
Ocular FIP10 mg / kg0.67 ml/kg
Neurological FIP12 mg / kg0.8 ml/kg
Relapse15 mg / kg1 ml/kg
  • An adequate drinking regimen is important throughout treatment.
  • We recommend hepatoprotectives throughout the treatment period!!!
  • The above dosage is only indicative. Consult the group or your veterinarian regarding the specific dosage for your cat. More detailed dosage options can be found in calculator.
  • In ocular and neurological FIP, it is possible to achieve better results (especially with tablets) by dividing the dose into 2 times a day

5 reviews for Kitty Care

  1. Elizabeth -

    With this drug I treated the wet FIP, the rapid effectiveness of the drug from the very beginning, after the first dose after 24 hours a change in behavior (apathy subsided, appetite increased, playfulness) for about 3rd to 4th day fluid in the grinder already was not present. We did not prolong the treatment, we ended the 84th day for good blood results. So I recommend the drug for us.

  2. Martina Polýnková -

    We had quite a complicated treatment with our boy, with this drug, but he achieved better results. I can recommend.

  3. Given -

    We take the Kitty Care 15 medicine from 25.10. 2020. We have a 6 month old cat Laděnka with a wet form of FIP. The fluid was absorbed within 7 days. The cat appears perfectly normal. He's playing, Dad, he's cuddling. But we have one problem. The injections are painful and the cat is crying when giving, it is not easy to give the injection.

  4. Lucie -

    We are almost halfway through the treatment of wet FIP in a 6-month-old kitten with Kitty Care 15. Absolutely no problems so far. He took the drug almost immediately by increasing the kitten's activity and began to be very confident - as early as 12 hours after the first injection. All abdominal fluid was absorbed within 14 days. The dosage is adjusted according to increasing weight at a dose of 5 mg / kg.

  5. Anton -

    We are finishing the treatment in a few days, we are at Kitty Care from the beginning. The fluid from the abdomen was absorbed within 10 days, and the blood results gradually gradually returned to normal. There was no problem with the drug, satisfaction.

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