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7 reviews for SAK

  1. Cees -

    We started Rainman, then switched to SAK. No reaction on Rainman, very good results on SAK. I am aware of many good results in the Netherlands and Belgium with SAK. Your comment on we do not recommend is realy misleading and my suggestion is to remove this banner.
    Our cat survived on SAK and we defenitely recommend it to use it.

  2. Gaba -

    The cat has finished the treatment and they are perfect

  3. Wercia -

    We used SAK throughout the 84/84 treatment. The cat is now 3 months after treatment and there is no sign of the disease 🙂

  4. Dita -

    I treated this product for about 5 weeks, about 5 weeks still Dr. Cat (alternately, how I managed to get which medicine) and at the end of 2 weeks Hero. Based on how Damian recovered, I would say that SAK and Dr. Cat worked, but because we had to increase the dose halfway through treatment (Damian's results were good but not optimal), I think they were cheated and Damian received a weaker dose as a result. Hard to say. In the last 5 weeks, Damian has improved to "tabular" results, with Dr. receiving the first 3 weeks. Cat (increased dose) and 2 weeks Hero (increased dose). The treatment took place from 22 January to 15 April 2020. In any case, the SAK was very painful, and Damian suffered a lot. But when applying Dr. Cat and Hero were much calmer, and I was able to administer the drug to him on my own without anyone holding him. This did not exist with SAK.

  5. Gaba -

    It works very well, does not burn the skin, has no major inflammatory reactions

  6. L. -

    Unfortunately, in our case, SAK failed. They released a defective batch in which there was almost no GS441524. The cat died. The biggest problem at SAK is inconsistent quality. You never know if you will get a good or a bad batch of medicine. ?

  7. Alice Uhlíková -

    We used SAK throughout the treatment, except for four vials of other medicines. It always worked well for us. We were satisfied. We ended the treatment at the beginning of April 2020 and now (November 2020) the boy is still healthy and full of strength, he has no problems.

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