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11 reviews for CureFIP

  1. Daniela Křesinová -

    We started treatment with this drug. The effect was already noticeable on the fourth day. The only drawback was the oily consistency, and since we administered a relatively large amount of 1.8 ml (the cat had a decent weight despite the illness), it hurt the cat quite a bit. Soon he started gaining weight and the dose had to be increased again, so we switched to a medicine with a lower density. But the efficiency seems to be great.

  2. Siri N. -

    It's been 57 days now that I started to treat my cat with Curefip. First she was very weak, not even moving, hardly breathing. But now she is very energetic, stronger, and naughty as usual.

    It is long way treatment period left, but we can do it!

  3. Marta F. -

    My cat had mid stage wet FIP symptoms. Luckily it was diagnosed early. After 2 days the fever was gone. After a week he was eating and playing. And after 2 weeks his big water belly was gone. I only gave him the capsules from day one, not injections. Very effective product.

  4. Kim -

    My cat is 12 months old when it was infected with FIP. She was having fever, back legs were weak, eyes weren't like usual, no appetite. So then I bought 6 vials of 17mg from
    She is now better after 24 days of treatment. She can now jump high, her appetite has also improved, and has gained back her weight.
    I am planning to complete the 84 days treatment and I hope she will fully recover soon.

  5. Susana -

    Hello with all, my cat Misho, is in the treatment for humid PIF and is very good now, but it is not possible for the hair, but it is not allowed to grow in the kitchen.

    The medicine will be very good for good ages for my account, but it is also better to have a professional health and the treatment of my kitten and much confusion in the medical state of my medicine.

    The vertebrate is a great toy because a doctor can tell the diagnostic at the beginning, I would like to sleep, I wouldn't listen and I would like to find that she found a about, his business name.

    I have the right to think that it is difficult and that I will not be able to learn the medicine but I am happy with the team and the experts working in the treatment of very friendly conquests and following them. He is very professional and attends to all my friends.

    One more, astonished by those who are dedicated to those who have lost people as us, but not many, very attentive, friendly, serviceable and very good for a very good price. The life of my Misho no tiene precio and por eso le doy lo que yo creo que es lo best for him.

    THANKS !!!!!!

  6. Frank Michael -

    My lovely baby, Black and Orange are doing good now. It has been 40 days under treatment and I can see a lot of improvements for my kittens. They were both diagnosed with wet fip. Their customer service is very well trained as well, they answered all of my questions very politely.

    A big thanks to Team!

  7. Steph -

    I used 17mg / ml concentration from for my cat, Donut.

    He was diagnosed with wet FIP and had many ascites during that time. The ascites had caused him hard to bring so we need to bring him to the vet to take out a few ascites so it will not affect his breathing. I was so desperate because the doctor told me that there are no medicine to cure the FIP until I found Curefip through Google.

    I contact them immediately and purchase a vial to try out first. They are very nice because they answer my questions very fast and they were also comforting me. After a few days of treatment, Donut had starting to eat and slightly get back his energy. The ascites had gone after 1 week of treatment. I continued for the rest of the treatment until before I stop the treatment, I sent my last blood test to and they told me that Donut can stop the treatment and enter another 84 days of observation periods. They told me I need to be aware of what condition and luckily Donut is very healthy during the observation periods. Finally, he has been cured from the FIP disease and now he is very playful and active like normal.

    I need to thank because they give me some advice during the whole treatment and answered my questions politely and give me the best recommendation.

  8. Rosad Baskara -

    My cat is already on 28 days of treatment and keep going.
    Progress from my cat is so significant since the first week, like his appetite and its activity is going better and better.
    I didn't even think that progress could be this fast.
    Cure Fip team also very helpful because always help to guide me since before treatment until now.

  9. لطيفة -

    My dear is not afraid, but I have no choice
    Al-Khallah Al-Mahab Al-Bashib Al-Oharq Al-Orah Al-Oharq Al-Oharq Al-Oqib Al-Oqib Al-Oqib Al-Ota
    بدينا معها قطة صغير وحالياً صار عمرها قريب السنة ووزنها ٣ كغ

  10. Stephanie -

    I just use 17mg from for my kitten. and its really works for my cat. Now my cat can walk again.

    This products is so very miracle. Now my cat already in 56 days of treeatment and keep going with injection.

    Now my kitten use in 1 ml injection.

  11. Bohdana Mokrá -

    We used a concentration of 15ml, it worked, but I think it was underconcentrated

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