Dromes Dragon's blood

100 % pure liquid latex from the Peruvian tree Croton lechleri, for indoor and outdoor use.


100 % pure liquid latex from the Peruvian tree Croton lechleri.

Sangre de Drago is a 100 % pure liquid latex from the Peruvian tree Croton lechleri, which the natives of Peru have used for centuries in various diseases.
It is collected at dawn when a tree is injured.
After the bark is cut, sap flows out, dark brown to red in color, which the tree excretes in its defense and subsequent healing.
According to the color of the latex, it also got its name "Sangre de Drago" - Dragon's Blood.
For centuries, sap has been applied to wounds to stop bleeding, speed healing, close wounds and protect wounds from infections.
The sap dries very quickly and forms secondary skin.
Research has been conducted at leading universities around the world since the 1960s.
Research ranks latex among the most researched plants in Peru due to its ingredients and their effects.
The spectrum of use of pure sap is very wide, it can be used externally and internally and is intended for both human and veterinary use.

Pharmacological properties of pure latex show activity:

»Antiviral, antibacterial« »anti-inflammatory« »anti-diarrheal« »immunomodulatory« »cicatric (wound healing)«

How to use:

For a dog weighing 15 kg:
4 drops 1 - 3 times a day into the feed ration, water or treat.

For horses weighing 550 - 600 kg: 
50 - 60 drops 1-3 times a day into a feed ration, water or treat.

Oral lavage:
30 drops / 100 ml of water 2 - 4 times a day.

Side effects and interactions: 
Always serve during feeding, do not serve on an empty stomach !!! Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage!
Ensure sufficient fresh water while taking the product.

How to use: external use: due to its antiviral, antibacterial and hemostatic effects, it is suitable for various types of injuries.
It very effectively stops bleeding and heals wounds.
It supports subcutaneous regranulation and collagen production, thus accelerating wound healing and healing, while protecting against infections.
Very good response to fighting the affected area or injury, provides relief after insect bites.

Local application:
apply on a cotton swab, rub the injured or inflamed area 2-3 times a day.


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