Spark (Aura)

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3 reviews for Spark (Aura)

  1. Marie -

    After Spark 20, we switched to Spark 15 for a few days and then to Hero 15 (more financially advantageous). As with Spark 20, there were no adverse reactions. Only as such a small minus (rather in terms of practicality) I report a lower concentration of the active substance compared to Spark 20. In a cat with neurological FIP, the doses were already so high and with a reduced concentration the volume of the drug was so large that it had to be applied to two sites. because otherwise it was leaking.

  2. Markéta -

    We treated Spark with the cat for the first 14 days (we switched to Hero 15 mg, which was the most financially advantageous). We started to see the improvement around the 4th day. During treatment with Spark, the abdominal fluid disappeared and the overall health of the cat improved significantly. The application of the drug was relatively painful.

  3. Libuše Knopová -

    I have only the best experience with this drug. The improvement was visible almost immediately.

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