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20 reviews for Suyi

  1. Daniela Křesinová -

    We started the treatment with CureFIP, after about 15 days we switched to SUYI. On this drug in injection form, the treatment was carried out until the end. The medicine was applied well, it was not so thick, I think that the application of the cat hurt less than in the case of the medicine in the form of an oily substance. We finished the treatment at the end of March, Thor the cat is fine so far and I believe it will stay that way. We didn't even consider switching to another form, our cats were simply not born to swallow pills and this way we were sure of administering the entire dose. It was enough that we and the whole neighborhood were smeared with hepatoprotectors that were in tablet form. During the treatment, we developed only two small lesions and in the final, one abscess after the injection, but everything is already healed.

  2. Milan -

    Injections saved our 6-month-old cat. We had them for 84 days with support from the beginning of ATB.

  3. Christopher -

    Very easy to order via WhatsApp, delivery was fast, within ten days from the order and priced around 600-700/6ml ampoule. They work almost immediately, within three days the cat was eating and running on his own, even though he was given a week to live at the vet.

  4. Edita Kimadze Černáková -

    After 2 injections, Josiko's improvement was visible and it is getting better every day, the belly is getting smaller, Josiko is pooping and has gained 200 g in weight. Josiko is playful and has returned to his original role as head of the house, controlling everything, going everywhere with me. I hope we can do it, because we only have 8 doses behind us.
    The nurse tried switching to tablets for her cat Moshin, but he was upset, so she started injecting again and Moshin got better again.
    That's our experience. I hope we helped.

  5. Jana -

    After the first injection in the evening, the improvement was visible the next day, Gucci came to welcome me to the door.
    He was interested in the surroundings, he started building.
    You started playing from the second dose.
    A week after the daily administration, he is a happy kitten again. The liquid is disappearing, he gained half a kilo. Before serving, there was a skeleton with a pierced brisque.
    It's worth it! I didn't believe it, but a little miracle happened. We haven't won yet, but I believe everything will be fine ♡
    Thanks to a group of people who freely help in everything, give advice.... Most of the time, God let the kitten die before she would advise other treatment 🙁

  6. Yaya -

    Before the start of the treatment, I said goodbye to my 11-year-old cat. After the first injection, she stopped being apathetic and wanted to eat by herself. In 4 days, the digestion was adjusted almost completely. Today is the 16th day of treatment and the cat does not show that she is sick. He runs, talks, papa. All the fluid from the abdomen has probably disappeared, which will be confirmed by the inspection and then we will try to switch to tablets. Perhaps only because she is an extremely sensitive ori, she was pulling her hair out of nervousness from the injections. Even so, I think that despite all the horror, he tolerates everything quite well.

  7. Barbora K. -

    An improvement was visible immediately after the 1st day, and all the liquid was absorbed within a week. We smoked for about 3 weeks, during which time he gained 500g. I definitely recommend it

  8. Michaela -

    Very fast improvement immediately after starting the treatment, our Dajsy injections do not seem to sting at all, so we will stop the treatment shortly. The price is low 🙂

  9. Šárka Michal -

    The most reasonable price for a vial, our cat has been on Suya since the beginning of the treatment (except for the first 5 days when he received Thora as a rapid initiation of the treatment), in 10 days we finish and the entire treatment was therefore carried out by injection. The water-based ones are better (so ask for them when ordering, but probably expect that the saleswoman sometimes does what she wants) with those cats, he doesn't even know he got an injection. During the whole time, we did not have any lesions on the skin.

  10. Martina N. -

    Unreal change after just a few doses. They are more watery and there is no such problem during application. The price is more than great!

  11. Helena Hadrabová -

    We started with this medicine. Already after the 2nd dose there was an improvement. The cat started to eat a little and run. After a week, the liquid from the abdomen was absorbed.

  12. Hana.S -

    Improvement was visible after two days. The application was not without problems, after 3 weeks lesions started to appear, but it can be managed, luckily we switched to tablets and continued the treatment

  13. Markéta -

    We already treat 2 cats with it, it works well. The price is acceptable. The contact person via WhatsApp is nice, he tries to help, then sends immediately after receiving the payment, here it was then in about 10 days. The only complication was logging into the Alibaba portal, which is probably a common problem - in the end it was done via FB.

  14. Sabina -

    Immediately after the first injection, we saw an improvement and the cat immediately started to like it.

  15. Katka S. -

    Very reasonable price, the solution is easy to apply, does not sting.

  16. Christina -

    It quickly took our princess. Immediately after the first dose, she was more lively. On the 6th day, her stomach was upset and she lost her appetite. She started gaining weight.

  17. Luke -

    We have been treating our cat for 57 days. At the beginning, she weighed 1.3 kg as a kitten. Now, after two months of treatment, he weighs 2.4 kg. Blood tests fine. These drugs simply work and are affordable. It never happened that the medicine did not arrive from China. Medicines usually arrive via DPD within 14 days. Suyi vials were tolerated by Eli very well, after 44 doses she switched to Suyi tablets - without problems.

  18. Helča R. -

    We used it for 14 days when the condition worsened and it worked great for us 🙂 I recommend it as well as the tablets :)

  19. Luke -

    The injection solutions arrived in 14 days. Unlike oil solutions, their application is almost painless. The cat tolerates them better. Their price is also very acceptable. I highly recommend it.

  20. Zdenek Falešníková -

    They are great. They don't sting, there is no reaction after them and the cats handle the application well. I can only recommend it.

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