Detection of Ascitic Feline Coronavirus RNA from Cats with Clinically Suspected Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Original article published on the portal National Center for Biotechnology Information


Ascitic feline coronavirus (FCoV) RNA was examined in 854 cats suspected of having feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) by RT-PCR. Positivity was significantly higher in purebreds (62.2%) than in hybrids (34.8%) (P <0.0001). Among purebred breeds, the positives of the Norwegian Forest Cat (92.3%) and the Scottish Fold cat (77.6%) were significantly higher than the average of purebred breeds (P = 0.0274 and 0.0251, respectively). Positivity was significantly higher in males (51.5%) than in cats (35.7%) (P <0.0001), whereas the prevalence of anti-FCoV antibodies generally showed no gender difference, suggesting that FIP in males infected with FCoV is more common, so males are more likely to break FIP. Genotyping was performed on 377 gene positive samples. Type I (83.3%) was detected much more frequently than type II (10.6%) (P <0.0001), similar to previous serological and genetic surveys.

See for more information original article. Among other things, it is mentioned that the incidence of FIP shows seasonal changes, and most often occurs in the autumn and winter months, while in summer the incidence is significantly lower.