FIP: From the FCoV to FCoV23, The Cyprus Case, or A New Perspective in the Way We See Coronaviruses.

Since January 2023 an outbreak of feline corona virus (FCoV) is ongoing in the island of Cyprus, causing a 40-fold increase in PCR confirmed cases of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) in the 1st 8 months of 2023, compared to the entire 2022. This webinar will follow the FCoV-23 outbreak in Cyprus since 2023. The genetic analysis of the PCR-confirmed FIP cases showed that a recombination of feline coronavirus 1 with a hypervirulent strain of pantropic canine coronavirus (pCCoV) is responsible for this outbreak. The presenters will describe the epidemiological appearance of this outbreak, the differences on the clinical appearance of the “FCoV-23” (proposed naming) as well as the findings from the PCR testing and the whole genome analysis of PCR confirmed cases and what they indicate about disease spread and pathology.

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